Who gets to define what a shitbird is?

This is the photo we wanted to post on INSTAGRAM yesterday. Fred and I have been binge watching "Sneaky Pete" over the holidays and this quote is the catch phrase Pete's PO Officer uses to motivate his new charges. We both thought it was a fitting question for the New Year and also kind of funny.

The deciding factor was "would anyone else think so too?". Then more questions came to mind, "what is a shitbird?"; "are all shitbirds the same?"; "who gets to decide what constitutes a shitbird?"; "are shitbirds universal or do we each have our own spirit/totem shitbird?" "are shitbirds better or worse than eagles?"

Eagles poop too. Does their excrement stink less because they're carnivores? This came to mind because I once took before and after photos of my dog's doodoo after the people at the raw dog food seminar told me that my dog would have smaller, less stinky, more regular BMs if he ate raw.
FYI It was kind of true.

And finally... "does it matter?" We have so few INSTAGRAM followers anyway. I thought this slightly offensive/controversial post might gain us a few more. "But who?" The guy with 10,000 followers whose IG feed consists entirely of photos of himself? I doubt he's ever going to buy one of our mats. Does he even live in Canada? It seems that the majority of our IG followers don't live here. That's interesting and it was initially flattering until someone taught me that has more to do with them hooking me as a follower than any interest they might have in our products. WTH? Is social media just one big popularity contest that we're losing? It sure seems that way sometimes.

But wait... INSTAGRAM is just a tool. Our aim isn't to be popular, it's to find the people who care about the same things that motivated us to start our little green business: high quality products that are made responsibly from sustainable or recycled materials. IG provides us with endless, affordable, opportunities to affirm and establish our brand, showcase our products, share our quirky sense of humour and to connect with kindred spirits. When we find those rare birds who give a shit... we soar!

Thanks for listening.

And thanks for letting others know about our values and our great products.
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Thank you for caring so passionately! Thank you for giving a shit!

Colleen Kearns

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