September was our best month EVER!!! We're thanking you with a PRICE DROP on the mat that every home needs inside their main door.

September was our best month EVER!!! We're thanking you with a PRICE DROP on the mat that every home needs inside their main door.

We're not entirely sure how we did it. But we're pretty sure that you folks are responsible for the steady increase of our online sales every month during this pandemic. September culminated into our best online sales month EVER!!!

Fred and I are not polished and talented sales people. We never felt we were doing nearly as well as our fellow vendors on the home / garden / pet / RV / Christmas / craft / trade show circuits. This was the avenue that was available for us to introduce our various lines of eco-friendly mats, rugs and runners to the Canadian market. So we persevered, pounded the pavement and attended dozens and dozens of shows each year for our first 4 years in business. Then the world shut down.

Starting out, we knew that our products would not appeal to the average consumer because our price point is higher than what people typically pay for a mat. But we also know that we have something very special. Something that no one else has. Something that was equally beautiful, necessary and long lasting.

We caught peoples' attention for various reasons. Initially, people stopped because our mats are eye catching and beautiful. Many were amazed to see how well our mats work to trap dirt. Some people did not believe that mats could be washed at home in a regular washing machine. More and more people are starting to care that our mats are made of recycled materials. Now that our customers have been using our mats for several seasons or more, they are starting to appreciate what a good investment they've made.

Whatever your reason was for taking a chance on us and our carefully curated collections... THANK YOU!

Because of you, we were able to place mats in homes clear across our beautiful country and many in US States as well. Your mats are out there doing the selling that Fred and I struggle to do. Our mats can't lie... well, they can lie on the floor and stay put quite well but that's an entirely different attribute.

Our mats are not going to miraculously jump up and clean your dog's paws for you, but they will grab and trap more dirt than any other mat on the market that we know of. We know this because we've tested it and you've told us so in your own words and with your repeat purchases and thank yous and reviews and smiles. And you've told your friends and your friends have become customers and advocates for our products too. WOW!!!! How proud and grateful we are to be able to say that.

It's been our goal to sell enough Muddle Mats to be able to lower the price to make them more accessible to more people. Thanks to you, we've done it!

Starting today, October 1 of the otherwise super sucky year of 2020 our Muddle Mats* are permanently dropping in price by almost 20%!!!!

Smalls are now $39 down from $49
Large and Runners are now $65 down from $79

*Our custom made oversized Muddles will remain at $179. These have been super popular and are now available in 2 colour combinations: Candy Rock ZigZag and Candy Linen ZigZag

We don't know what the future will bring, but we do know this:
• Fred and I love working together
• We are so grateful to be able to work safely from home
• We are very proud to be able to do work that matters to us
• We are over-the-moon elated that our work has come to mean something to so many of you

We've always known that we were a bit MAD.
Thanks for letting us know how that MATTERS.

Caroline and Fred Wideman
"Mats that don't cost the EARTH"

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Congratulations for your success and for sharing the Joy of how this comes about.

Heidi Klaming

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