Types of Mats and Where to Use Them

Types of Mats and Where to Use Them

Sometimes we get a little distracted when something is pretty and something is plain and we may not realize that there is often a good reason for this. A mat performs best for you when it is used where and how it was intended to be used.

Here is a brief guideline to which types of mats are necessary to keep your home clean, beautiful, warm and cosy:

Door Mats / Entryway Mats / Barrier Mats
Purpose: to trap dirt and water before it enters your home
Muddle Mats
Hug Rugs
Hug Woven
Eco Hogs (commercial grade)

Accent Mats / Bathroom Mats / Bedside Mats / Kitchen Mats
Purpose: to provide a warm comfortable place to stand and brighten your space with a design and colour you love
Hug Rugs
Muddle Mats

Patio Mats
Purpose: to define outdoor living space and provide easy-to-clean comfort to those areas, frequently used in indoor spaces such and green rooms and sun rooms
Fab Mats
Hug Woven

Table Mats
Purpose: to protect wood surfaces and provide a beautiful focus area for candles, floral vases, plants and decorations
Penny Rugs
Wool Table Mats
Jute Mats

Scraper Mats (Outdoor)
Purpose: to remove large quantities of gardening and hiking mud, snow, dirt and water from shoes and boots before you enter your home
Fishing Rope Mats
Hug Rug Outdoor
Eco Hogs

Pet Mats (wet feet, food and water bowl, litter box)
Purpose: to prevent the dirt and water which your pets paws and coats carry from damaging and dirtying your floors and living areas
Hug Rugs
Muddle Mats
Howler and Scratch

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