The Best Bag is the One That Gets Used the Most

The Best Bag is the One That Gets Used the Most

There have been a lot of articles comparing the pros and cons, as well as the, costs and benefits of various types of reusable shopping bags. These articles have stemmed from a recent Danish study which breaks down how often you have to use each type of bag (cotton, paper, polyester etc.) in order to pay for the environmental costs associated with producing it.

The bottom line is that the more often you use a bag, the better it is. So if you already own bags, even the really-high-cost-to-produce cotton ones, use those until they have no life left in them. That makes good financial and environmental sense and it's a great rule of thumb for most any product we have in our home/lives/wardrobes/etc. Long live all of our purchases!


If you do need a good reusable bag, let me tell you why we at MadMatters chose to supply these handy-dandy reusable "SUSHI ROLL" XL Reusable Bag:

People forget to pack their shopping bags, especially for non-grocery excursions to: the mall, the hardware store, the market, apple picking, the hair salon. Our premium snap-clip bags are so compact and light weight that you can keep them in your purse, jacket pocket, backpack, saddle bag, glove box or suitcase so they're always on hand, whenever you need them.

Super large 45 lb capacity will hold the equivalent of two regular grocery bags "jam" packed with groceries. That's like: two giant butterballs; 8 – one litre bottles of Baileys; a flexible 4 year old child (although we highly discourage this practice); 1/2 a bushel of freshly picked apples; or a week's worth of coloured laundry that your college student brings home to wash on the weekend.

This tightly-woven fabric is waterproof, resists stains and dries quickly. If your trout or cod fish leak on the way home from the market, just give you bag a quick sudsing with dish soap and warm water, rinse and hang to dry. Your bag will be clean and fresh in no time so you don't have to worry about what you can put in it on your next outing. (You can also toss these bags in the washer and then air dry.)

Reinforced, double-layered handles provide comfort and prevent the digging you can experience when carrying a really heavy load. Our "SUSHI ROLL" XL Reusable Bags' unique features also include: contrast facings, French-seaming and bar-tack stitching at critical stress-points, a restraining snap and a hanging loop for drying, storage or attaching several bags together. MadMatters carries several fashionable designs to suit your personality, profession, age or gender and to help you identify and remember which bags are yours.

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