The Gift of Creativity

Need a little  P E A C E  this Christmas?  🕊️
A way to be with your thoughts but calm them down to one thought at a time?

Super practical?
Only want to create something that you can actually
use and enjoy?

Think that you're not creative? Think again.
You may not have found your outlet yet.

Mat making with an Oxford Punch Needle may be just thing thing for you.

🧶 🧶

1. It's quick to learn. And very forgiving when you make a mistake.

2. Relatively inexpensive after you've invested in quality basics.

3. Flexible. You can make mats, wall hangings, ornaments, 3d items or even embellish a wool hat or your favourite old jeans.

4. (a) & (b) Challenging and/or Relaxing.
(a) Design your own pattern and make it as artsy and sophisticated as you like OR (b) buy a kit and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing how your piece "could" look

5. Meditative. Making a mat with an Oxford Punch Needle requires you to focus on one punch at a time. As you gain a little rhythm and confidence in your movements, you will find that your breathing and your thoughts slow down, your shoulders and teeth unclench and as you see such quick and beautiful results, you begin to really enjoy this feeling and want to to more. It's addictive... but in a good way.

6. Social? Once you are fully comfortable with your skills at punching with an Oxford Punch Needle, you can add background music, tv and even groups of people to punch along with you. This craft does not require the kind of counting, focus and discipline that lace makers and fine knitters must follow.

I've done many Oxford Punch Needle demos at the shows we've attended this past year and frequently get asked to teach. If you're interested in participating in a little informal session on a Sunday afternoon in January, please email to let me know:

In the meantime, you can find you'll find video links as well as top quality supplies in the rug making tab on our website:

Happy Hooking!
(Happy Punching just doesn't have the same ring to it.)

🧶 Caroline


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