What makes this the "MOST" Eco-Friendly Mat?

What makes this the "MOST" Eco-Friendly Mat?

It's rare that we can find one mat that meets all of our criteria for Fred and I to decide to sell it through MadMatters.

HugRug's BRICK Collection does.

Here's why:

It's made responsibly
1. From 100% recycled materials
2. It's colours come from vegetable-based dyes
3. It's made In a facility that produces zero waste
4. It's made by people who care

It works
1. Guaranteed for 5 years
2. Absorbs over 4x its weight in water
3. Traps up to 95% of dirt, dust and mud
4. Stays put
5. Doesn't damage floors
6. Vacuums easily
7. Machine washable
8. If you follow the care instructions, it will last much longer than 5 years
9. It has a neutral design and colours whose beauty will outlast any trend
10. It's very well priced

End of life
1. Fully recyclable
2. You'll probably want to reuse or repurpose it in a garage, basement, vehicle or donate it somewhere it can continue to serve

In celebration of our 5th Anniversary running an eco-friendly business, MadMatters is pleased to offer you special pricing on this amazing collection of BRICK design mats beginning on #earthday2021

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