Yesterday Fred and I had the privilege of experiencing something that we haven't felt for awhile . . .


It came as a complete surprise. We don't understand it. And certainly can't explain it. But for about 20 minutes, it seemed like we had been transported to the future.

For Christmas, we'd like to share that glimmer of hope with you.

Here's the back story...

A few weeks ago I came across a tweet from someone who was in a few of my classes in high school. Barry was the cool guy so I didn't know him well, but I had heard that he had worked for Medigas and then started his own businesses in the Health Care industry (ventilation and UV cleaning systems for hospitals?) so I figured his insights into the Omicron virus would be informed by those experiences and worth investigating.

I went to Barry's website repeatedly and finally decided to order 10 ®Nanomasks. They looked comfortable and breathable enough for my son and his girlfriend to wear when they compete in their upcoming Spikeball tournaments and to gift to Fred's Mom to keep her safe on her daily walks around the gym track and to give to our favourite neighbours who will be boarding some airplanes over the holidays.

Because I took so long to commit to the purchase, it was too late to have my order shipped. Fred and I made the drive to Cambridge to pick them up in person.

We each wore double masks into the building and were prepared for a quick covid "Hello" "How are you?" "Good Bye" even though we knew that another friend from waaaay back was working with Barry and we had really hoped to see Keith there too. It took more than a minute for us to realise that no one in the building was wearing a mask.


These guys had figured it out!

Some high tech thingamajig scanned our temperatures as we entered the building. Some other super high tech thingamabobber cleaned the air. And who knows what else was happening quietly in the background?

Fred and I were allowed to removed our masks. Then we enjoyed a pleasant catch up visit. It was just like the world was normal and covid had never happened.

It's possible folks. These optimists took a look into the future and decided to create the thing we all want most... the freedom to live and breathe without fear.

We wish each of you peace and joy and a lots of HOPE for our future and FAITH in those who have the vision to make it so.

With love,

Caroline & Fred

For those of you who want to know more, my friend's name is Barry Hunt and his business is called Prescientx. www.prescientx.com

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