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WaterHog Eco Elite - Ash Grey - Fashion

WaterHog Eco Elite - Ash Grey - Fashion

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Waterhog Eco Elite - Fashion

Unique Herringbone designed Indoor/Outdoor Commercial mat. The upper is made of Recycled plastic bottles and the rubber backing keeps water away from the floor. The unique water dam design keeps water from flowing off the mat. 

Certified Green Product: Using these mats can help contribute to your project's achievement of valuable LEED certification points (100% PET post-consumer recycled fiber reclaimed from drink bottles and 15% post-consumer recycled tires).

Waterhog Eco Entry Systems traps debris and moisture beneath the shoe level providing a slip resistant surface. The floor mats are certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Design traps dirt, grime and moisture while providing a stylish addition to any lobby or reception area.

Clean Waterhog Floor Mats by simply vacuuming, extraction cleaning methods, or hose off and hang to dry.

For additional sizes please contact us via email for pricing.

Deliver of items not in stock is 3 to 4 weeks.




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