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Oxford Punch Needle Bundle

Oxford Punch Needle Bundle

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Full Set of 8 Oxford Punch Needles

#10, #9, #8 Regular, #10, #9, #8 Fine, #13 and #14

In Stock - ships from Ontario next day 

Save $8 compared to purchasing individually 

Includes Wool pouch for storing and transporting Punches 

The Oxford Punch Needle is a joy to use!  Punch needle rug hooking is easy to learn, allows limitless creativity, and works up so quickly that it’s been described as, “Instant gratification with wool!” Here’s why our punch needles are so highly valued by our customers:

  • Make Quality Hooked Rugs With the Punch Needle Method of Rug Hooking
  • Ergonomically Designed for Comfort and Speed
  • Maple Handle
  • Electro Polished Stainless Steel Needle
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee
  • Designed by Punch Needle Expert Amy Oxford
  • Works Beautifully With Many Different Weights and Varieties of Yarn
  • Excellent for Use With Yarn, Cut Strips of Wool and Other Fabrics
  • Made in the USA

Oxford Punch Needle Sizes

To determine the Oxford Punch Needle size that’s right for you please choose two things:

  1. What width needle do you want?
  2. How tall do you want your loops to be?

First: choose the width needle you want. This will determine what materials you use in your punch. Choose from two widths: regular and fine:

  • Regular The regular needle can be used with heavy 3-ply rug yarn and bulky weight knitting yarn. You can also double, triple, and quadruple finer yarns and thread them together through the punch needle at the same time. ¼” wide strip of fabric also work beautifully in the regular needle. (1/4” wide strips are the same as 8/32” strips thus, these are known as #8 cut in the rug hooking world).

  • Fine
    The fine needle can be used with worsted weight, sock weight, baby weight,sport weight, tapestry, and needlepoint yarns. Narrow strips of fabric can also be used. We suggest 3/32” wide strips (known as #3 cut in the rug hooking world.)

Oxford Punch Needles - regular (left) and fine (right)

Regular Needle (left) and Fine Needle (right)

Next: choose how tall you want your loops to be:

  • For ½” tall loops – choose a #8 Oxford Punch Needle
  • For 3/8” tall loops – choose a #9 Oxford Punch Needle
  • For 1/4” tall loops – choose a #10 Oxford Punch Needle

Now pick your punch needle. Choose the needle width and loop height that you need. Here are the sizes we offer:

  • #8 (1/2" loop) regular
  • #8 (1/2" loop) fine
  • #9 (3/8" loop) regular
  • #9 (3/8" loop) fine
  • #10 (1/4" loop) regular
  • #10 (1/4" loop) fine
  • "The Mini" #14 (1/8" loop) – available in fine only
  • "The Mini With Heels" #13 (3/16" loop) - available in fine only

Note: The Briggs and Little Super is best suited for "regular" needles and Briggs and Little Atlantic is best suited for "Fine" and Mini's

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