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Cloth for Tufting Gun - 78 Inch Width

Cloth for Tufting Gun - 78 Inch Width

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Commercial grade primary cloth perfect for using with tufting guns, the tufting cloth chosen in the industry for high quality rugs. Durable and forgiving when it comes to correcting your work. It features marked lines every 2 inches woven in the cloth for easy marking and tufting.

Made from 35% cotton, 65% polyester

Density: 26 x 26 stitches per square inch

Weight 260 g per square meter

Double weft & Double warp

All pieces are 78" wide
NOTE: Monk's Cloth for Hand Punching is different than "Monk's Cloth for Tufting Gun
You may choose different fabrics for a tufting cloth, including burlap, linen, and monks cloth. However, among the three, monks cloth is the leading choice as a tuft fabric. Why is that? Because monks cloth has equally-spaced holes, is strong, and does not wear easily, making it the perfect choice as a tuft cloth. But it does not end here. With monks cloth as a tufting fabric, you can stretch your design and still prevent it from getting disfigured, thanks to the evenly-spaced two-inch lines running across the cloth.
Another indispensable property of monk's cloth is that it's durable enough to frog your work. In stitching, "frogging" means you pull the yarn to fray the stitches you already made and do it all over again. This attribute is perfect for beginners because they won’t need to buy another cloth if they mess up along the way. It’s definitely a time and money saver, qualities that you won’t find in other tufting fabrics!
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